Stephanie Rich

Pediatric Speech Therapy in Rhode Island

Stephanie Rich, MS CCC/SLP is a Rhode Island licensed and ASHA certified Speech Language Pathologist specializing in enhancing pediatric communication skills.

Offering Effective Speech Therapy Sessions Targeting

Simple Human Body Parts Illustration - Ear
Speech Bubble

Speech Sound Production

Stephanie helps children produce clear, understandable speech through articulation training.

Auditory Development

Stephanie helps children who use hearing aids and cochlear implants learn to listen and speak effectively using auditory oral techniques.

Language Development

Stephanie helps children understand and use language to communicate effectively with others.

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Parent Partnership

Stephanie believes parents are a child’s most important teacher and help with carryover of skills to the home enviornment.

Let’s Start A Conversation

About Your Child’s Communication

Stephanie has years of experience and expertise in the field of pediatric speech and language pathology.

Stephanie’s expertise and passion lies in

helping children with hearing loss, language delays, and speech sound disorders develop age appropriate communication skills through engaging therapy sessions.

She has specialized knowledge in a variety of specialty areas, including: hearing aids

  • cochlear implants
  • speech sound production
  • pediatric language acquisition
  • social emotional learning
  • pediatric speech/language evaluations

Stephanie values parent/caregiver input and participation to promote their child's success.

Stephanie Rich, MS CCC/SLP is now offering Telehealth and in person appointments in Greenville, RI.